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BARDA's Pandemic Influenza Programs

BARDA's Pandemic Influenza Programs

BARDA uses an end-to-end strategy to prepare for the next influenza pandemic by supporting development, licensure, and manufacturing of better products to detect, treat, and prevent seasonal and pandemic influenza. This strategy relies on the development of superior influenza diagnostics, treatments, and vaccines that can be rapidly manufactured.

BARDA’s influenza medical countermeasure programs support:

  • Modernization of influenza vaccines
  • Recombinant pandemic influenza vaccine development, including funding of ongoing clinical trials
  • Development of faster platforms and more sustainable approaches for seasonal, pandemic, and emerging infectious diseases
  • Development of alternative delivery models
  • Development of adjuvants, which can be used to increase the supply of pandemic influenza vaccine and may have the potential to enhance the efficacy of vaccines
  • Strengthening US-based vaccine manufacturing

Planning for Future Pandemics

Aligned with the HHS Pandemic Influenza Plan and the National Influenza Vaccine Modernization Strategy, the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) is moving the U.S. preparedness and response posture against influenza from a reactive to a proactive posture. Taking an integrated approach to pandemic influenza and emerging infectious disease preparedness enables BARDA to rapidly pivot to accelerate the development of new vaccines, therapeutic products, and diagnostic tests.

BARDA is dedicated to supporting continued innovation and advancement in pandemic influenza preparedness. Detailed in the National Influenza Vaccine Modernization Strategy, BARDA works with industry to expand domestic manufacturing capacity and advance the development of next generation influenza vaccines. ASPR also contributes through alternative vaccine delivery technology and vaccine adjuvant formulations, as well as the development and testing of novel influenza diagnostics and antiviral drugs.

BARDA’s Pandemic Influenza Medical Countermeasure Portfolio

By partnering with product developers and manufacturers, BARDA supports the development of cutting-edge influenza vaccines, diagnostics, and therapeutics. BARDA also maintains stockpiles of influenza vaccine antigens and adjuvants.

BARDA has a strong track record of bringing medical countermeasures for influenza across the finish line, supporting a broad portfolio of pandemic influenza medical countermeasures that have received FDA licensure or approval.

BARDA leverages sustained investments to ensure that influenza diagnostics, vaccines, and therapeutics are available to mount an effective and timely pandemic response, maintain overall pandemic readiness, and foster effective international pandemic preparedness.

Strengthening Domestic Manufacturing Capacity

A strong domestic vaccine manufacturing capability is critical for national security and response to seasonal or pandemic flu. BARDA supports the expansion of the manufacturing capability of domestically manufactured vaccines, which is vital for effective pandemic response.