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Sector Coordinat​ing Council

Sector Coordinating Council feature

The HPH Sector Coordinating Council (SCC) is a chartered organization comprised of private sector entities with equities in or closely aligned to the HPH Sector and is comprised of six essential subsectors, including direct patient care, health information technology, health plans and payers, mass fatality management services, medical materials, and laboratories, blood, and pharmaceuticals. The SCC is recognized by the Secretary of Health and Human Services as the critical infrastructure industry partner with the government under Presidential Policy Directive 21 for coordinating strategic and policy approaches to mitigating, preparing for, responding to, and recovering from significant cybersecurity and physical threats to the HPH Sector. They accomplish this through private sector-only activities and by working in coordination and collaboration with the GCC. This self-run, self-organized group of private sector owners and operators and their representatives interact on a wide range of sector-specific strategies, policies, activities, and issues concerning critical infrastructure security and resilience.


Membership is open to healthcare and public health critical infrastructure owners and operators, industry associations and other organizations whose professional, business, or operational activity supports the nation’s health security and the core national healthcare system.

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