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Office of Security, Intelligence, and Information Management

Office of Security, Intelligence, and Information Management

HHS/ASPR Incident Command and Control

The Office of Security, Intelligence, and Information Management (SIIM) identifies, analyzes, and mitigates risks associated with 21st century health threats in support of ASPR’s broader mission to save lives and protect Americans. This office works to provide timely, accurate delivery of actionable intelligence; information management and analysis; partnership development and maintenance; and asset protection before, during, and after a response. The Office of SIIM supports the following ASPR Priority Areas

  • Lead/Enhance Emergency Support Function 8 (ESF-8)
  • Strengthen Response and Recovery Operations
  • Improve Situational Awareness
  • Manage and Protect the Safety, Security, and Integrity of ASPR Assets
  • Enhance Private Sector All-Hazards Preparedness
  • Promote a Resilient Medical Supply Chain

SIIM collects data from our internal and external partners, analyzes information and intelligence, creates and delivers products, builds and maintains public/private partnerships, and protects critical public health and medical assets.

To meet its mission, the SIIM office is comprised of the Office of the Director and four Divisions: Security, Intelligence, Information Management (IMD), and Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP). IMD and CIP have supportive branches—four and two respectively—that support the execution of their functions.