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Public Meeting: Rescheduled​

National Biodefense Science Board (NBSB)

The NBSB will meet to discuss lessons from COVID-19 and will present recommendations on several topics, including collection, analysis, and sharing of operational health data, uses of virtual healthcare during disaster response, and disaster response challenges specific to rural and underserved communities.

Register to Address the NBSB

The NBSB is inviting key stakeholder groups to address the Board and share their ideas on issues related to current and future chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear threats, and other disaster preparedness and response matters. We are especially interested in hearing comments from representatives of academia, professional groups, advocacy organizations, or U.S. state, tribal, territorial, or local governments.

  • Request Deadline: April 21, 2023

  • Key Stakeholder Groups: Individuals who are involved in or represent academic institutions, professional groups, advocacy organizations, or state, tribal, territorial, or local governments.

  • Time Limit: To ensure that the NBSB has the opportunity to hear multiple perspectives from our stakeholders, we are limiting comments to 7 minutes per speaker or group.

  • How to Apply: Please send your request to present before the committee to and include the name of the speaker, organization, and a full explanation of the intended comments. Presentations that contain material with a commercial bias, advertising, marketing, or solicitations will not be allowed.
  • Presentation Format: Speakers may send slides ahead of time, but those slides will not be broadcast to the public. Each speaker will have audio only. Captioning and sign language interpreters will be provided for this event.

Email NBSB

Stakeholders can also submit questions or comments to NBSB ahead of the meeting by sending an email to, which Board members will consider during the meeting as time allows.