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ASPR Health Care Readiness State Highlights

ASPR Health Care Readiness by the Numbers

Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP)

HPP is a cooperative agreement administered by ASPR’s National Healthcare Preparedness Programs (NHPP) Branch. It establishes the foundation for national health care readiness, promotes a consistent national focus to improve patient outcomes during emergencies, and enables rapid health care service resilience and recovery.

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2 Health Care Coalitions (HCCs)

  • WV Health Care Coalition North
  • WV Health Care Coalition South
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1 Special Pathogen Treatment Center

  • WVU Hospitals Inc.
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HCC Core Member Participation Rate

  • 95% of acute care hospitals
  • 11% of emergency medical services (EMS)
  • 77% of public health agencies
  • 59% of emergency management agencies

National Special Pathogen System (NSPS)

The NSPS is a nationwide systems-based network approach that builds on existing infrastructure and investments in preparing for infectious disease outbreaks. NSPS supports the urgent preparedness and response needs of hospitals, health systems, and health care providers related to treating patients with special pathogens.

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HPP Cooperative Agreement Recipient

West Virginia DHHR-Bureau for Public Health

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Hospital Association Recipient

West Virginia Hospital Association

Hospitals, health systems, and other health care entities receive COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Activities Cooperative Agreement funding via their hospital association.

HPP Cooperative Agreement Funding COVID-19 Supplemental Funding Related Resources

For more details, see ASPR Healt​h Care Readiness Programs Funding.

  • Total funding (all sources): $3,760,369
  • Hospital Association: $1,872,453
  • HPP Cooperative Agreement Award: $1,887,916

Reference the COVID-19 Supplemental Funding page f​or more details.