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ASPR Health Care Readiness Near You

The ASPR Health Care Readiness Programs Portfolio engages health care stakeholders across all 50 states, U.S. territories and freely associated states, major metropolitan areas (Los Angeles County, New York City, and Chicago), and Washington, D.C. to strengthen the nation’s emergency preparedness, response, and recovery capabilities.​

HPP Regions Map

Interested in learning more about how the ASPR Health Care Readiness Programs Portfolio is strengthening health care readiness in your area? Select your jurisdiction below to access ASPR Health Care Readiness Programs recipient information, as well as funding amounts, Stories From the Field, and other related resources.

Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) Recipient Fact Sheets

The 2021 HPP Recipient Fact Sheets feature key information on each of the 62 HPP Annual cooperative agreement recipients, including trends in HPP funding, spotlights on preparedness and/or response, and highlights from their COVID-19 response activities. Share this resource with all stakeholders who have an interest in state or jurisdiction-specific information.

Download icon Download all HPP Recipient Fact Sheets to learn how HPP is making a difference across the country.