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Industrial Base Expansion How to Have A Successful IBx Connect Meeting

IBx Connect ​Factors for Success

Six Ways to Make the Most of your IBx Connect Meeting

If you or your company are developing innovative solutions or have one available on the market that address vulnerabilities in our nation’s public health and medical supply chains, including advanced manufacturing of drug substances and drug products, supply chain optimization (through data analytics, process analysis, modeling, business intelligence, advanced planning techniques),  PPE manufacturing, vaccine manufacturing, and testing and diagnostic devices, you can get insights into potential paths forward for your product and strategic advice from ASPR via IBx Connect. 

Virtual Collaboration

Here are six things you can do to make the most of your IBx Connect meeting:

Factor 1: Know How Your Product Could Integrate with ASPR’s Priorities

Be ready to discuss ways that your product addresses supply chain vulnerabilities or how your product fits into the IBx Areas of Interest.

Factor 2: Explain How Your Product Is Unique

Be ready to explain how your product is different from other products that are already available in the commercial marketplace.

Factor 3: Be Ready to Discuss Challenges Associated with Your Product or Technology

During your IBx Connect meeting, be prepared to discuss your company’s techniques and strategies for addressing technical and regulatory challenges.

Factor 4: Focus on Data

Be prepared to highlight any data you have gathered that demonstrates the viability of your idea. By providing ASPR with clear information at the beginning of the process, we can better help you identify gaps and analyze areas of your proposal that need further consideration.

Factor 5: Consider Your Path to Regulatory Approval

If your final goal is to develop a product or technology that is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, be prepared to discuss your plan to address the regulatory pathway for your product. Don’t worry about having all of the answers up front, but be ready to demonstrate that you have seriously considered this critical aspect of product development.

Factor 6: Bring Your Questions

IBx Connect can also serve as an opportunity to talk about challenges with subject matter experts about opportunities to further develop your product or technology.