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ASPR's IBx Portfolio

Award 1:

Product: Gloves

Description of Project:Renco was contracted to establish glove manufacturing equipment lines.

Unique Impact:This effort will increase and help increase the number of gloves produced monthly by 166.7 million.  

Base Award Amount: $22,400,000.00

Category: PPE Capacity and Raw Materials

Award 2: 

Product: Gloves-Nitrile

Description of Project:Renco will increase production capacity of nitrile gloves by  standing up two high-speed dip lines (glove manufacturing equipment lines) and six additional Standard Indexing (traditional) dip lines.

Unique Impact: This effort will increase nitrile glove production by 45.8 million gloves per month by July 2022.

Base Award Amount 1: $13,104,000.00  

Base Award Amount 2: $35,000,000.00

Category: PPE Capacity and Raw Materials