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About t​he ​Biodefense Summit

Implementation of the National Biodefense Strategy

In today’s interconnected world, biological incidents have the potential to cost thousands of American lives, cause significant anxiety, and disrupt travel and trade.  The National Biodefense Strategy, released on September 18, 2018, sets the course for the United States to combat the serious biothreats our country faces, whether they arise from​ natural outbreaks of disease, accidents ​involving high consequence pathogens, or the actions of terrorists or state actors.

​Meeting Purpose

Federal Departments and Agencies with responsibilities or capabilities pertaining to biodefense are engaging stakeholders to:

      • Raise awareness of the National Biodefense Strategy
      • ​Gain greater awareness of biodefense activities conducted by non-Federal partners in the broader biodefense enterprise, including relevant private sector stakeholders
      • Increase coordination with non-Federal partners, including international organizations
      • Identify significant challenges related to implementation of the strategy
      • Identify opportunities for improvement in biodefense and high priority actions necessary to implement the strategy
      • Inform United States Government actions to advance biodefense

Ke​​y National Biodefense Strategy Stakeholders

Engagement with non-governmental organizations and the private sector is critical to prevent the spread of disease and respond to the next outbreak before it becomes an epidemic.  

During this meeting, we will engage stakeholders, including:

      • ​​​​​Non-governmental and private sector stakeholders with expertise in healthcare and medicine; public, animal, and plant health; emergency response; scientific and technical areas of expertise; law enforcement; industry; academia; diplomacy; defense and security; intelligence; nonproliferation and counterproliferation, and related topics
      • All levels of the U.S. government, including state, local, tribal, and territorial governments
      • International partners​