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Monthly Report May 2021

Monthly Report May 2021

Medical Reserve Corps

Caption for Eastern Nebraska photo: Members of the Eastern Nebraska MRC (NE) at a COVID-19 vaccination site.

May 2021: At a Glance


MRC Units


MRC Volunteers


Hours devoted to COVID-19 vaccination support

1,000 Reported MRC Activities

MRC donut graph      
MRC bar results

Improved community preparedness
Participated in emergency response
Served a vulnerable population
Strengthened MRC unit
Strengthened public health
Supported non-emergency community event
Trained to improve response capability
The numbers in this chart may not equal the total number of actual activities. The number of activities notes the number of unique entries by MRC unit leaders for the current month, but some activities have impacts in multiple areas.

The MRC network remained focused on assisting with COVID-19 vaccinations in May, contributing over 40,000 volunteer hours to vaccination clinics across the country.

La Salle County MRC

Caption for Pickaway County photo: A volunteer with the Pickaway County MRC (OH) serves as a vaccinator at a COVID-10 vaccine clinic.

Those units contributing the most time included these:

  • The Loudoun MRC (VA)
  • The Sussex County Medical Reserve Corps (NJ)
  • The Cobb/Douglas Medical Reserve Corps (GA)
  • The Upper Merrimack Valley MRC (MA)
  • The Santa Cruz County MRC of California (CA)
  • The Martin County MRC (FL)
  • The MD Responds MRC (MD)
  • The New Castle County MRC (DE)
  • The Hunterdon County MRC (NJ)
  • The Kent County MRC (DE)

In addition, each of the below units devoted over 1,000 volunteer hours to COVID-19 vaccination efforts in May 2021:

  • The Schuyler County MRC (NY) administered COVID-19 vaccine shots to high school students.
  • Members of the Jackson County MRC (JC*MRC)(IL) received training for a program to administer COVID-19 vaccinations to homebound individuals, and the MRC of El Paso County (CO) provided vaccinations to
    homebound community members.
  • Spanish speaking volunteers with the OKMRC Oklahoma County MRC (OK) helped at a COVID-19 vaccination
    event at the Templo De Alabanza in Oklahoma.
  • The NM Integrative Wellness MRC (NM) provided dog therapy and behavioral support for residents isolating due
    to COVID-19 at an assisted living facility.