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PHEMCE Functions

The key PHEMCE functions are outlined in the PHS Act7 and illustrated below in Figure 1.

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Identify Needs to Protect Americans
The PHEMCE will identify national health security needs, gaps in MCM preparedness and response, and challenges to addressing these needs.

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Develop Strategies to Address Gaps
The PHEMCE will optimize the USG's MCM portfolio by contemplating MCM logistics, deployment, distribution, dispensing, and utilization.

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Make Recommendations to the Secretary
The PHEMCE will provide the ASPR with the necessary input they need to make recommendations to the Secretary and inform the Strategic National Stockpile

The PHEMCE officially reconvened on February 24, 2022 and has since hosted four follow-on meetings. The first meeting was a review of the critical role the PHEMCE will play in helping the USG align MCM goals against available funding. The second meeting was a review and evaluation of several time-sensitive MCM requests from Ukraine. The third meeting was a review of the process for the Department of Homeland Security to make a material threat determination and how such a determination might impact MCM priorities and strategy. The fourth reviewed ASPR's smallpox requirement and what, if any, changes the 2022 monkeypox outbreak necessitated to federal requirements and holdings. Each of these meetings supported the current goals of the PHEMCE, which seek to ensure the PHEMCE meets its statutory requirements as per section 2881 of the PHS Act.

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