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Inventory Management and Tracking System (IMATS)

In a large-scale public health crisis, state and local responders from state and local public health agencies will have to manage large quantities of medical countermeasures (MCMs) to help prevent or treat diseases. Responders need an effective software tool to manage the large and quick-moving MCM inventory they may receive from the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS).

The Inventory Management and Tracking System (IMATS) was created by the SNS to help state and local responders manage these MCMs during a crisis. IMATS allows responders to track MCM inventory down to local levels; monitor reorder thresholds; and support warehouse operations. IMATS can also be used to

  • Record counts for dispensed MCMs
  • Monitor operations status through a comprehensive dashboard
  • Run reports and extracts for inventory counts and transaction data
  • Create custom roles for users
  • Import existing data on facilities, storage locations, products, etc.
  • Collect data from local jurisdictions, aggregate, and report inventory totals

IMATS can be used to meet both your everyday and emergency inventory management needs. Using IMATS on a day-to-day basis reduces redundancy and enhances the efficiency of inventory management operations.

SNS provides IMATS to authorized jurisdictions at no cost and provides technical support and training, assistance with exercises, response support, and upgrades. SNS support for IMATS includes IMATS training, inventory data exchange, and user support.

IMATS Training

SNS offers IMATS training webinars, in-person trainings, and exercise support. Please contact the IMATS help desk at for any requests.

All IMATS users will be provided with access to a training environment which mirrors the live IMATS site.  Users can conduct trainings and exercises in the IMATS training environment without having to use or modify live data. Upon becoming an IMATS user, SNS automatically gives users access to their own IMATS training environments.

Inventory Data Exchange

Inventory Data Exchange is a collection of systems that creates a comprehensive picture of inventory information regardless of whether an organization uses IMATS or another system. Organizations using an inventory system other than IMATS may receive inventory requests from the SNS and can submit inventory reports using the  Public Health Information Network Messaging System (PHINMS) communication platform. 

IMATS users do not need to submit reports through PHINMS. This feature reduces the burden upon state and local jurisdictions to assemble inventory reports and allows the SNS to query MCM inventories without interrupting state and local operations. For more information on this process, contact the IDE help desk at

User Support

SNS provides technical support through its IMATS help desk at . Support representatives monitor requests Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. (ET) (excluding federal holidays). The help desk provides technical assistance, including:

  • CDC’s Secure Access Management Services (SAMS) registration and support; (everyone with access to IMATS must have SAMS registration).
  • Initial set up to ensure IMATS supports jurisdiction’s needs
  • Recommendations for IMATS use and answers to questions
  • IDE process testing
  • Assistance with IMATS improvement requests (which SNS analyzes and prioritizes for inclusion in future releases).

The help desk also provides exercise assistance for IMATS. Please let the help desk know about exercise plans so they can help:

  • Evaluate exercise objectives associated with IMATS
  • Verify users have appropriate access (SAMS and IMATS)
  • Postpone system maintenance activities scheduled during the exercise, and
  • Arrange for after-hours help desk support

During a state or local response requiring MCMs, SNS leadership will direct the IMATS help desk to have 24-hour response capability. 

Getting Started

Interested organizations can contact the IMATS help desk at for more information or to get started. A representative will contact you to discuss the steps for IMATS integration into your logistics response operations. 

Contact Us

For further questions or information about the Strategic National Stockpile, please email us at