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Strategic Goal 4: Ensure workforce readiness through development of innovative workplace practices​

2022-2026 ASPR Strategic Plan

ASPR’s success is due to the dedication of the public servants who work for it. ASPR must implement and enhance workforce development practices to keep a strong workforce ready to respond to a changing threat environment. ASPR will nurture a work environment that promotes an open, transparent, and diverse culture to empower the ASPR workforce in support of its mission and vision.

NDMS and local response teams working together

ASPR accomplishes its mission through the skills and dedication of its workforce. We must continue to invest in ASPR’s workforce to ensure it can meet any future challenges.

Objective 4.1 Key Milestones:

  1. Recruit highly capable and diverse staff across an array of relevant disciplines and skill areas.
  2. Create and implement an ASPR-wide training program to ensure responders are adequately trained, operationally proficient, and prepared to support the nation’s needs in a crisis.
  3. Retain staff through efforts to improve employee resilience, create opportunities for cross pollination and knowledge sharing, and provide career development opportunities.
  4. Develop a system to rotate ASPR leadership positions to build experience and skills, as well as to mitigate burnout.
  5. Increase hiring and contracting personnel to streamline appropriated disaster funding and use expanded authorities to right-size and/or expand capabilities as needed.
  6. Conduct workforce assessments to identify critical skills and competencies required to support and serve ASPR’s mission.

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