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Division of Information Technology Services

Division of Information Technology Services

ASPR Office of Resource Management

The Division of Information Technology Services (ITSD) provides reliable, secure, business integrated technology solutions that align, support, and enable success for ASPR’s strategic goals and mission requirements.

ITSD provides a full spectrum of support, maintaining IT and communications caches containing computers, mobile devices, HF/VHF/UHF radios, satellite internet terminals, and other assets. Working in partnership with the HHS Office of the CIO, ITSD also provides end-to-end deskside support to ASPR staff and a variety of technical and professional services including, application development, data and systems hosting, information security, and systems administration.

Division of Information Technology Services

Enterprise Management Branch

The Enterprise Management Branch (ITSD-EMB) manages and supports the technology infrastructure for ASPR’s IT portfolio. This includes providing support to two data centers that house many of ASPR mission essential applications, including the Unified Communications System, GeoHEALTH, technology to support the HHS Secretary’s Operations Center and HHS’ Continuity of Operations facility.

Oversight and Governance Branch

The Oversight and Governance Branch (ITSD-OGB) governs the configuration and change management of the IT systems and applications within ASPR’s technology portfolio. ITSD-OGB consults with ASPR programs on IT best practices, business processes, standards, and IT acquisitions and contracts. Additionally, ITSD-OGB is home to ASPR’s Cybersecurity program which governs its systems and applications, maintains the enterprise architecture.

Service and Support Branch

The Service and Support Branch (ITSD-SSB) provides technical support for ASPR staff during both steady-state and response operations. ITSO-SSB provides deskside support and assistance at HHS Secretary’s Operations Center, Mission Support Centers, HHS’ Continuity of Operations facility, and other ASPR office locations. Additionally, SSB coordinates conference calls and represents ASPR on the HHS-CIO Change Control Board.