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​​ Planning Division

Planning Division

HHS/ASPR/ICC Office of Strategy, Policy, Planning, and Requirements

The ASPR/ICC Planning Division’s mission is to become the federal government’s cornerstone for public health and medical planning by integrating all-hazards, contingency, and deliberate planning into a full spectrum of decision support, disaster science, and data analysis to support our leadership and ESF-8 partners throughout all phases of the emergency management cycle.

The Planning Division integrates key elements of the ASPR’s mission, vision, and strategic goals through operational planning and resource utilization to support national security objectives and key policies such as the National Health Security Strategy. The Planning Division works to give the ASPR the plans, decision support tools, and disaster science analysis to enable a proactive approach to both natural and man-made disasters and public health emergencies. The Division of Planning is divided into the Deliberate Planning Branch, the Crisis Action Planning Branch, and the Operational Analysis Branch.

The Division develops and maintains contingency plans for public health-related crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic, performs crisis action planning for events such as hurricanes, wildfires, and earthquakes, and provides a disaster science approach to data collection and analysis that informs current and future planning efforts.


  • Develop strategic, deliberate, and crisis action plans to ensure ASPR and the country are prepared for all potential public health and medical responses.
  • Support HHS leadership and field response leadership in a crisis through actionable and evidence-based planning.
  • Provide planning and program management expertise into broader strategy, policy, and requirements initiatives.