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ASPR Program Office for Innovation and Industrial Base Expansion (IBx)

Industrial Base Management & Supply Chain Program Office

Strengthening and expanding the U.S. public health industrial base and delivering innovative solutions to counter health security threats

The ASPR Industrial Base Management & Supply Chain (IBMSC) Program Office was established to coordinate strategic industrial base expansion and innovation efforts across ASPR, federal partners, academia, and the private sector to bring novel solutions and practices for response and recovery operations to life.

The COVID-19 pandemic made it abundantly clear how important a robust and resilient public health industrial base is to ensure the health and security of the United States. During the current pandemic response, multiple challenges needed to be overcome, including addressing critical deficiencies with personal protective equipment, pharmaceuticals, therapeutics, and vaccine supply chains.

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for these critical public health industrial investments at a scale never seen before in the United States. In the last year, we gained a heightened understanding of our vulnerabilities and were forced to rethink our approach to the medical supply chain. To address these vulnerabilities, IBMSC is focused on expanding, securing, and building resiliency across the entire public health and medical industrial base.